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Editorial Fashion Tutorial Posted
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

That's right. A new tutorial has been posted to my Youtube Channel.  This one features the elegant and ever gorgeous Tatum Langton, an extremely talented actress who is dedicated and ever passionate in her craft. The video also features the work of the amazing Hair and Makeup Artist Heather Shelton of Red Scarlett Makeup Artistry. I've had the opportunity to work with Heather multiple time over the past few years. Heather's work has taken off like a storm in which I have to be sure to book her well in advance to be able collaborate with her. This photo session and video was shot over a year ago in November 2012. Although the images have been completed since that time, the video ...

The Cuteness Factor: Newborns
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Editorial Fashion Tutorial Posted

Last month I had the opportunity to shoot one of my best bud's two month old daughter while I was out visiting and working in Kansas City.  My friend Josh and I have been friends and fishing partners since we stumbled on each other one faithful day while we were fishing one of the local rivers.  We recognized each other from several of our 8th grade classes and hit it off pretty quick as most our peers were in to other activities. I was considered an outcast as most my friends were chasing and feebly attempting to impress the opposite sex while I preferred to lose myself for a day on the river in hopes of making a fish rise.I was a bit leery in trusting Josh up front since he ...

A Winter's Bride
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Editorial Fashion Tutorial Posted

Chantell's wedding day was just around the corner and we had to get her bridal session done in time for her slide show and her prints for display. She was due to fly to Cabo for ceremony and the clock was ticking. We had been experiencing prolonged and heavy snow storms every few days for nearly 10 days straight and it was now or never. The forecast foreshadowed a rainy and windy day, which would have been my worst nightmare. Winter rain and wind is certainly no photographer's friend. I kept my fingers crossed for a large snow stom complemented with light powder and big, fluffy flakes. As Heather worked her magic the snow suddenly stopped as soon as it started. Luckily for us it started ...

When is Cold to Cold?
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Editorial Fashion Tutorial Posted

When is cold to cold to shoot?  A couple weeks ago, my clients, assistant, and equipment was put to the test in a riveting and damn near ice age of winter evil.  Living in Utah has its advantages and disadvantages just like any other location.  You can drive an hour in any direction and have a completely different backdrop ranging from red rock, Salt Flats, the Great Salt Lake, and the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains. However, we reach triple digits in the summer and negative digits in the winter.For this week's post, we shot an Engagement Session up in the hills where the temperature hovered around zero degrees fahrenheit.  With Chantell and Lance's ...

The Awakening
Friday, January 11, 2013
Editorial Fashion Tutorial Posted

I am excited to bring another behind the scenes look into the depths of my imagination and provided detailed educational resources to how I accomplished the concept I had painted in my mind.  Feel free to read this post in its entirety or simply scroll down if you want jump straight to the video.The concept of this shoot came from the inner workings of my imagination some time ago in dream.  I realize this sounds cliche, but each of us knows how amazing and terrifying our dreams can be.  Nonetheless, I was fortunate to remember this particular dream out of all the ones I commonly forget. I had the desire to write it down in my ...