A Winter's Bride
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
By Big Ben

Chantell's wedding day was just around the corner and we had to get her bridal session done in time for her slide show and her prints for display. She was due to fly to Cabo for ceremony and the clock was ticking. We had been experiencing prolonged and heavy snow storms every few days for nearly 10 days straight and it was now or never. The forecast foreshadowed a rainy and windy day, which would have been my worst nightmare. Winter rain and wind is certainly no photographer's friend. I kept my fingers crossed for a large snow stom complemented with light powder and big, fluffy flakes.

As Heather worked her magic the snow suddenly stopped as soon as it started. Luckily for us it started again once we reached our location which just happened to be Chantells father's work. The location is a photographer and cinematographer's dream and has been utilized in such films such as The World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins. The location offers many great alcoves, warehouses, offices, and walls to shoot with. And with our circumstances, the more looks we could achieve in the shortest amount of time were vital as everyone would quickly fatigue and become uncomfortable with the falling snow and low temperatures.

In between shooting on the shipping dock and the snowscape, we took a breather inside the warehouse and a dilapidated office. The office images were mostly shot with natural light coming from the window frame left. I added a little fill via an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with a small softbox after unsuccessfully attempting to bounce the needed quantity of light with a reflector. Anyone that follows me knows my thoughts on the amateurish qualities of natural light shooters. However, sometimes it's just what is needed.



For our warehouse setup, we used three lights. Instead of holding hands and telling you exactly where they are I am going to implore you to be a true photographer and reverse engineer the setup and where the lights were placed.



Special thanks to my team who made all this possible.

Bride: Chantell
Camera Assistant: Kyle Calder
MUAH: Heather Shelton
2nd AC: Lauren Allmer


In other news, the YouTube Channel has seen a large increase in comments and email questions. Please be patient as I take special care and time to answer each and every one (with the exception of the death threats and destructive criticism aimed toward the models and or myself). Give me time. I will answer!

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